How to upgrade/downgrade a subscription?

Log in to your Text Integration account.

 On the Dashboard, in the Subscription Information box:

  • If you are upgrading from a Free Access & Text Plan, click Upgrade on the Free access plan.


  • If you are downgrading a paid Access Plan to a free Access Plan.

             You must Delete the text subscription first, then you can delete the Access Plan.Text_Plan_Delete.png



  • If you are downgrading/upgrading a paid Access Plan to a different paid Access Plan.

            You can just click Upgrade on the Access Plan.



The above steps will take you to the Pricing Page where you can select your Access Plan (Basic/ Super/ Optimal). Upon choosing your preferred plan press the 'select' button.




  • If you would like to upgrade/downgrade your Text Subscription, you can just delete the existing subscription you need to upgrade.


Then you may click ADD to select your new subscription. Add_Text_Subs.png


This will take you to the Pricing Page where you can select your country / region / world. You will then need to select your preferred subscription type. (Lite / Growth / Results / Impact) Upon choosing your preferred subscription press the 'select' button.



For either Access or Text plan, you will then be taken to a Shopping Cart where you need to enter your Billing and Payment Information. Click Checkout after you are done filling in and reviewing all the information.

NOTE: It is important to use the same email address and mobile number that you use to login to Text Integration.



You will then be taken to the Text Integration Dashboard where you will see the new newly upgraded or downgraded subscription in your Subscription Information box. You will also receive an email confirming your new subscription.




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