How to delete my account?


Deleting your Account is different to deleting your Subscription.

To delete your account, you need to email or submit a ticket via our Help Desk or call our customer support on +61 3 9018 5007. Please note that deleting your account will mean you will have no record in Text Integration and your API Name and Key will be removed. This means you it will be more difficult for you to use Text Integration at a future point. In your communication with us, please advise your Name, and Company Name and Email and Mobile. We will confirm your account deletion in writing. Deleting your account is free and you will not be charged any fees upon deletion of your account.

If you wish to use Text Integration at some point in time in the future it is easier to delete your subscription from the Dashboard rather than deleting your full account. You will not be charged any fees upon deletion of your subscription. To do this go to: How to cancel/ delete a subscription?

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