How to create a new Keyword?

Sign in to your Text Integration account. -

Select "Keywords & Click Tags" on the navigation at the top and under Add Keywords there’s a step-by-step guide on how to Create a new Keyword.  

First step is to Login to your Infusionsoft account in


 When you’re logged in, go to Infusionsoft on the upper right, under CRM column, Clicks on Settings.


 Then select Tags under Contact and Company Settings.

 Click “Add Tag” button.

Type in the Tag Name, Keyword Yes. Choose a Category. Then click the the Add Tag button.

It will take you back to the Tags page. To check your Tag Name & ID, click the “ID” button and you will see your Tag Name on the top of the list (the most recent one added). 

In Text Integration account. Select "Keywords & Click Tags" on the navigation at the top and Select Add Keyword.

Follow the step-by-step guide. Click the “Sync” button, type your new keyword in the field. Select the Tag Name from the drop-down list and click “Save” button.

Note: Each Keyword has a maximum limit of 15 characters

 A box will pop up saying you have added the keyword, then just click the OK button.


To check if the keyword was added successfully, click the “View Keywords & Click Tags” button and you will find the keyword you added with the corresponding Tag Name.




  • The Keywords STOP and SUBSCRIBE are the only keyword that you cannot use because Text Integration already uses them.
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