What is an Opt Out?

An 'Opt Out' is a feature that gives the people you are sending texts the option to stop receiving texts from you.

The text message will say: Optout Reply STOP

An example text would be:

Hi, it's Joy's Balloons!

Thanks for confirming your Child's  Party on November 7th

Look forward to fun!

Reply LOLLY if you want us to provide yummy lolly bags!

Optout Reply STOP

Note: The above opt out is applicable to all countries except United States and Canada. A different opt out format will be assigned to these countries.

We include this feature to ensure you can choose to easily comply with the Spam Can Act 2003 and like legislation. Text Integration aspires to a text spam free world.

The recipient of your text can opt out of receiving future texts from you by replying with the key word STOP (not case sensitive) and all future text messages from you to this recipient will be blocked by Text Integration.

If for legitimate reasons you need to remove the default Opt Out function from a particular text message apply the following instructions 

How to stop the default Opt Out?

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