When will I receive the next bill?

Each Subscription last for 30 days. You will receive your next bill 30 days after subscribing.

If the allocated number of texts are used up, we will send you a reminder email and text informing you that your subscription needs renewal and that you will likely soon run out of text credits. If the subscription is renewed, the next bill will occur 30 days after the renewal date.


Important points to consider:

  • Text Integration Subscription is composed of a/an:

            1. Access Plan
            2. Text Plan

  • The subscription is set as a (30 day period), beginning upon the purchase of a Subscription.
  • The Subscription will be renewed automatically by us on your behalf, until you cancel, change, or upgrade your Subscription every month.
  • Upon subscription renewal the date of this renewal will become the new anniversary date for future Subscription renewals.


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