How do I add a merge field to a text?

First, Log in to your Text Integration account at



Select My Account and then Text Integration Details. 




Second step is to Login to your Infusionsoft account in



When you’re logged in, go to Infusionsoft on the upper right, under Marketing column, Click on Campaign Builder.   


Open up one of the campaigns.

Click Edit on top and Open a sequence.



Double-click on the sequence with which you want to add the sending of text message .


Select Process and choose "HTTP post" snippet, then drag and drop the HTTP post snippet . Open by double clicking the snippet.



Paste the URL on the POST URL box then click Merge button to show the Merge Fields.



Complete the Name / Value pairs column. First row will contain Contact and the Contact ID.

Add another value pair by clicking the + sign.



Type in the word “message” on the second row and the exact message on the second box. To add the contact name on the message, on the Merge fields, just click on contact fields (most common) and select which name do you want to insert on the text. Take note that one text message can only contain 140 characters including spaces and punctuations.



On the 3rd row, put either Phone1 or Phone2. This will depend if your contact record's phone number is encoded in Phone1 filed or Phone2 field, most commonly used is the Phone1.

Note that for both Phone1 and Phone2 fields, the number must be a mobile number. 

To add the Phone1, on the merge fields, just click on contact fields (most common) and select Phone 1. 

If you want to add the Phone2 instead, on the Merge fields, just click on contact fields (additional), scroll down and select Phone 2. Type in Phone2 in the left field value pair as well.

Put the Country on the 4th row and select the value pairs on the merge field by clicking on contact billing address. The country is the billing Country of the customer.



Save the text message by clicking the double cross ++ beside the Draft button and It will show the green Ready button.




Click the “Back to Sequence button”.



On the Campaign Page just click Publish button.  You have now added a merge field to a text. Your campaign is now ready to send text messages.


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