How to stop the default Opt Out?


Text Integration has a default Opt Out feature that gives your customers an option to stop receiving texts. This assists you in complying with the Regulations and Legislations relating to Spam (2003) and similar.

This means that Text Integration automatically adds an opt out option at the end of your text message (even if you don’t see it in the message box). The text message will say: Optout reply STOP

Note that the Opt out feature cannot be disabled for Tier 1 (United States and Canada) countries. See Opt-in Manager Section for more information. 

If you don’t want the opt out included in your message, you have the option to remove the optout option by adding another value pair, as follows:


Go to your Text campaign and add another value pair at the bottom by clicking on the + sign.



Type in the word “optout” in lowercase, the left field. Then type “no as the value pair in the right side field.



Please note: If you type anything other than no as the value pair, the optout will be included in your text message by default.

When you’re ready change the message from Draft to Ready to show the green Ready button.


Then click the “Back to Sequence button”.



On the Campaign Page just click Publish button. Your campaign is now ready to send text messages.


 Text messages without the optout can be 160 characters, (including punctuation and spaces).


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