What is Inbound Text function?

The Inbound Text function in Text Integration allows a brand new prospect, who is not on your database, to initiate an automated text conversation. When a prospect sends you a text, Text Integration will do the following:

  • Automatically create a new contact record, including the contact’s first name, email, and mobile phone number.
  • Automatically initiate a tag in Infusionsoft, which initiates a campaign sequence to send a reply text to your new contact.

For example: If you’re giving a talk and you could get people in the audience to send you a text, so you can add them to your database and deliver them an offer. To do this you would ask them to send a text in this format (to one of the following phone numbers);



ABC John  jsmith@gmail.com

Long Number International +44E


Australian Long Number +61


Dutch Long Number +31


Canadian Long Number +1


US Short Code


 So the text should look like: ABC John jsmith@gmail.com.


The shortcode (e.g. ABC) is a unique code that links this text message to your Text Integration account. You will find it in the Account Management in Text Integration

Go to My Account, then choose Text Integration Details.



PLEASE NOTE: You must set up your Text Integration account to receive inbound text messages before this function will work. Setting up a Tag will be explained in the next article.

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