How to Set up a MobilePage (non-third party application)

A Landing Page is a custom web page you can link into your text messages. You can create your own custom landing page using your content management system (CMS), web hosting site, and/or blogging site.

It’s easy enough to include a URL in a text message that links to a mobile landing page but the difference with Text Integration is that it gives you the ability to personalize the text on the mobile webpage, by adding Infusionsoft merge fields, and you can add anything else to the page that the web allows.

This effectively turns the MobilePage into an amazing text message that now:

  • Delivers a personalized Text Message
  • Delivers Video
  • Delivers a Photo Library or technical drawing
  • Delivers a Quote
  • Has a Web Form that integrates with Infusionsoft
  • Is a Checkout page
  • Links to your favorite social media
  • Is a Landing Page
  • Is a Webinar
  • Contains downloadable files
  • Is an animated Birthday Card
  • And lots more that you can dream up for your specialized business…


There are two steps in setting up a text message with Landing Page integration 

First, log-in to your own CMS, web hosting site, or blogging site account.

Then, create a new page. Customize it by adding merge fields. Refer to the table below for the commonly used values and their corresponding merge fields.


Values Merge Fields
  Contact’s First Name   ~Contact.FirstName~
  Contact’s Last Name   ~Contact.LastName~ 
  Contact’s Mobile Phone Number   ~Contact.Phone1~
  Contact’s Country   ~Contact.Country~
  Owner’s First Name   ~Owner.FirstName~
  Owner’s Last Name   ~Owner.LastName~
  Owner’s Mobile Phone Number   ~Owner.Phone1~
  Owner’s Country   ~Owner.Country~


For example:

    Entering this code: Hello ~Contact.FirstName~ ~Contact.LastName~

    Will display: Hello John Smith


Add these lines of code to your header:

<script src="//"></script>

<script src="" type="text/javaScript"></script>


Now, We’ll setup the Initial Text Message Containing a Short URL to This Landing Page.

In Campaign Builder, set up a text message.

When you write your text message, add “tilde URL tilde” (~url~) in the place where you want the shortened URL, or link to your Landing Page to appear.

Add another value pair.

In the left field write “url” in lower case, and in right field paste the long URL that links to your Landing Page.



When you are ready, change the message from "Draft" to "Ready" to show the green "Ready" button. 



Click the back to sequence button and click "Publish".



Now when your text message is sent Text integration will replace the ~url~ with a shortened URL that links to your Landing Page.

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