What is a Client ID? - Recent Activity

The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log intoText Integration.

The main idea of the dashboard is to give you a place where you can get an at-a-glance overview of what’s happening with your account.

All the important information regarding your text credits, message status, subscription information, and recent activity can be found on your dashboard.


Your Recent Activity will show the following:

  • Details & Status

If successfully sent, the status will show 'Delivered'. Then, the details will show the exact content of your sms, your client's mobile number and your client ID

For example:

SMS: Hi Martin. Please reply OK to confirm or CALL to reschedule. Optout reply STOP Sent to: 61444010808 (Client ID 88)


If there's an error, the status will show 'Failed'. Then, the details will indicate the cause of the error, and the Client ID for you to identify whom the text message was not sent to.

For example:

SMS was not sent to (Client ID 14) Country not specified

  • Date & Time

This indicates the date & time of the transaction.


Note: You can sort the Recent Activity by Date. Just select the From & To dates.


Find the Contact Record using the Client ID:

1. Check the Client ID number in the Details section.

2. Login to your Infusionsoft account and go to Contacts

3. Click Edit Criteria

4. Select Misc Criteria

5. Scroll down to Id field, type in the Client ID, then click OK.

6. The specific Contact Record associated to the Client ID should show up.


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