What is Timed Delivery?

Timed Delivery is a Text Integration feature that allows you to control the time that your text message is delivered, to any country destination, even if your campaign sends the same text message to different time zones.  This is normally not possible in Infusionsoft because Infusionsoft only allows you to set the time that the message is to be sent (e.g. US EST), not the time that it will be delivered.   

For example:
Let's say you want to set up a message in campaign builder so that the text message will be delivered at 9:00 am in any country in the world.
When a text is sent using the Timed Delivery feature, it will be delivered according to your client's Time Zone. Time Zone will then be calculated based on the following information on your client's contact record. First, is the Postal Code. Second, is the City. Third, is the Country. The Country field is imperative for delivering the text message. However, to improve accuracy of time delivery, especially in countries with multiple time zone, it is encouraged to have the Postal Code and/or City field(s) properly filled out.
When no bona fide Postal Code is provided in your client's contact record, Time Zone will be calculated based on the provided City. In instances where no bona fide Postal Code and City is provided, Time Zone will be calculated based on the Capital City of your client's specified country.
If unsure what the capital city of your client is, kindly refer to this article in Wikipedia.
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