Why I need a Mass Update and how to do it?

A Mass Update is useful if you would like a default country set up for your contacts which will be useful for your timed text messages.

The order of sorting time will be applied by the Infusionsoft Contact Record Fields:

  1. Postal code: time zone will be calculated based on postal code.
  2. City: if no postal code field, time zone will be calculated based on the city.
  3. Capital City: if no city field, time zone will be set default to capital city of the country.

This means that you will need either the Post / Zip code OR the City or the Country fields in the contact record.


One way of doing it is by a Mass Update.

For a step-by-step guide click on this link from Infusionsoft below:

How to do a Mass Update


Note: Mass Update is used for existing customers. 

For new customers, we suggest that in your registration form you ask your customers to choose a Country, otherwise set up a default country for everyone and hide the option to choose a country.

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