What is the standard character?

A Standard Character is a predefined set of characters recognised by the computer hardware and software.

This set is composed of English alphabet (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and common symbols  like ( . , ! ? " ). It also includes the "space" and "enter".

You can use any of these characters in any combinations. However, please note that if you use any special characters that are not in this standard set, it may not appear correctly at the receiving end, your message may be unexpectedly cut out at the special character or additional characters usage. 

Our test shows that these are the symbols you can use with Text Integration.

Punctuation Name Symbol
Period .
Comma ,
Exclamation Mark !
Question Mark ?
 Plus  +
 Hyphen  -
 Equals  =
Colon :
Semi-colon ;
 @ Symbol  @
Asterisk  *
Open parenthesis  (
Close parenthesis  )











Please use any special character with discretion. 

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