What is SMS Concatenation?

SMS Concatenation is a feature which allows you to send a text longer than 160 characters*. It is achieved by splitting up a long message into smaller messages which are sent as individual SMS and recombined on the recipient's end. 

The table below illustrates the total number of characters available for your concatenated SMS message content.


Number of Concatenated SMS Maximum number of characters
 1 standard SMS  160 characters*
 2 concatenated SMS  306 characters*
 3 concatenated SMS  459 characters*


*includes standard characters

Any message longer that 160 characters but less that 306 characters will count as 2 texts, while a message longer than 306 characters but less than 459 characters will count as 3 texts. Note that we only support up to 3 concatenated SMS or up to 459 characters

NOTE: All words and/or characters included in the text is counted such as the default Opt Out reply (shortcode) STOP.

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