How to link a text message to an Infusionsoft Landing Page

The hidden field, when filled out may either update existing data in your contact record, or fill

out a certain field set up with it.


You see a text message with a url in it, you click it and the link goes to an Infusionsoft landing

page, the landing page then links it to the contact record.

In your landing page with the Non-visible HTML element. Paste the code below to

the HTML element:

<script src="//">
<script src="" type="text/javaScript">




Do not forget to add in a Hidden Email Field, and your Contact Email merge field ~Contact.Email~

 Note: You may also use a Country Hidden Field.

In your http post snippet, add the landing page link generated from your click tags

set up.

View this link to see how to set up a click tag.



Once everything is set up correctly, and your customer fills in the landing page it should update your contact record’s information, or fill in needed data.


Note: The steps above may also be used to any landing page aside from Infusionsoft.

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