Legally Compliant Opt In Function - Overview

What is a "Opt In?"

"Opt In" is a legal requirement in a number of countries. Some countries have higher and lower compliance requirements and Text Integration is built to accommodate all of the compliance levels.

Compliance Levels

Tier One - High Compliance: United States, Canada.

Tier Two - Mid Compliance: Australia, Ireland, New Zealand.

Tier Three - Low Compliance: All other countries.

In Tier One and Tier Two countries the Double Opt In requirement is a two-step process, wherein your subscribers verify twice that you have permission to send texts to them.

Note: Only Tier Three countries may turn off the legal compliance.

1) Upon sending any text for the first time to one of your Contacts, our system holds onto your first text and sends out the first text of the double opt in process. Upon completion of the Double Opt In process your original text will be sent to the Contact.

2) Upon receipt of the first double opt in text the recipient can choose to reply with your short code and the keyword YES. (eg ABC YES) Or the recipient may choose to click the short URL in the text. Both of these actions are considered confirmation of the first opt in.

3) Upon completion of point 2 above, the recipient will be sent to a landing page. This landing page is customisable with your logo and contact details. This landing page requests the recipient to add their mobile phone number and agree to the terms and conditions and click the SUBMIT button. Your subscriber will then be sent to a simple Thank You page that is customisable with your logo.  Your subscriber has now completed step two in the double opt in process. This subscriber will not need to double opt in again. Your original text will now be released by Text Integration to the Contact.

The double opt in process is set as default for all Tier One and Tier Two countries. The legal wording for Tier One and Tier Two countries varies.

Tier Three - Low Compliance countries do not have the double opt in process turned on by default. However some businesses like to know their customers have double opted in and turn on the high compliance process. How to turn High Compliance

NOTE: Your subscribers have 48 hours to opt in, otherwise, they will be automatically opted out. Nevertheless, you can manually re-trigger this opt in request at any time you wish.



How does Double Opt In works?

Upon sending your first text to any Contact, Text Integration will hold this initial text and send the first text of the Double Opt in process.

The first text of the double opt in process is only partially customisable by you. In the Opt In Manager page within Text Integration, you can set your Company Name, and Company Phone number and logo. We place the mandatory legal compliance wording in this text and this is not customisable. This legal wording varies from Tier One to Tier Two countries.

Your subscriber will have the option to reply via a Keyword, or click a link directing them to the Opt In Landing Page. The double opt in process is now complete and your first initial text will be sent to the Contact.


Landing page for High Compliance:



Landing page for Mid Compliance:


Remember: You can update the content of the first double opt in text and the landing page from the Opt in Manager page accessible from within Text Integration.

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