How to Set up Trackable Links

Trackable links are shortened links that will show you how many people clicked your link from your text messages.

When you generate your link, Text Integration converts it into it’s own unique short link.

For more information, go to How to Set up Click Tags.

When a subscriber clicks on one of the links in your text message, we can track it by the tag associated with your keyword that is used to generate the value pair.


First step would be creating a Keyword. Follow the step-by-step guide in the 'Add Keyword' page or by following the instruction set in this article except the tag removal at the end. The created Keyword is associated with a tag.


Generate a Value Pair for your text campaign by going to View Keywords and Click Tags. A detailed instruction on how to setup a click tag can be found here.

Shortened urls will appear in your text message and once clicked it'll trigger the tag associated with your keyword.

You can then track not only the number of people with the tag applied, but also who among your subscribers clicked the link.

You can have this set up in your Infusionsoft account, more conveniently in your Infusionsoft Dashboard by adding widgets.



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