How to setup a MobilePage with Leadpages (Drag n' Drop)

1. Log-In to the Leadpages MobilePage site -


2.Check the Drag & Drop tickbox and choose a Template that works for your campaign.


3.Choose the Drag & Drop Builder.


4. Type in the name of your page and click the start building button. 


5. Customise your Landing Page. You can refer to LeadPages Knowledge Base for more info regarding their Drag & Drop Builder. You can also add mergefields. For the list of applicable mergefields, refer to this article How to Set up a MobilePage.


6. Once you have completed customising your landing page, add an HTML widget on the top of your page.


7. Add the code to the HTML widget and click save.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="" type="text/javaScript"></script>


8. Add the tracking code. Click the "Graph Arrow" icon at the left side.

 On the analytics tab, paste the same code you have applied on the html unto the head section tracking code and hit save when done.


9. You can see the look of your page by clicking the "Preview" button. Once, you are happy with it's look, click "Publish" button.


10. Take note of the mobile page URL and click "Done" when finished. 


11. Proceed in setting up your Campaign in Campaign Builder. You can check this FAQ on how to set-up a campaign - How to Setup a MobilePage


12. Test your campaign by sending yourself a test Text Message by following this FAQ - How to Send a Test text message

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